• Self harmer: I cut myself because I have depression, a chemical imbalance in my brain I can't control.
  • Self harmer: I cut because I feel so much emotional pain and when I turn it to physical pain, well at least I can control that, you know?
  • Self harmer: I cut because today I binged, because I've been starving myself for the past two days, and I hate myself for eating because I might gain weight.
  • Self harmer: I cut because no one at school or at home notices me or the fact I'm suffering, I'm hoping someone will notice and give me the comfort I need.
  • Self harmer: I cut to punish myself, because I'm full of self-loathing.
  • Justin Bieber fan: I cut because my favourite pop star tried the least most dangerous street drug available! Lolz Biebz forevezzz! Omgz i luv u jb notice meeee!